At long last, summer break is here! It’s indeed great to finally be able to relax and get a break from school. However, there’s that minor fact that you won’t be receiving any allowance from your parents for the time being. Don’t despair though, because there are plenty of ways to make some money at minimum or no capital at all! It’s not even about finding opportunities anymore. You can actually make your own opportunities to earn money. Here are some ways how:

1. Cellphone Loading

This is probably one of the cheapest and easiest to manage business ideas for the summer. If your summer plans so far consist of staying home, go to the nearest loading center instead. Avail of a cellphone loading kit and you’re ready to start earning. Who knows, your cute next-door neighbor might come knocking one day to buy prepaid credits.

2. Merienda Stand

Sell halo-halo, fish balls, kikiam, and cheese sticks to the kids in your neighborhood. The ingredients are not too expensive and preparation is very straightforward. This is a fun venture to start with friends or family members. Got a blender? Sell fruit shakes in the afternoon. All you need to set up is a table, chair, and a small space! You’d probably need a cooler, too.

3. Garage sale

Rummage around your closet or around the house for stuff that you don’t really use anymore but those other people might be interested in. Collect old clothing, shoes, furniture, books, appliances, and even toys, and hold a garage sale! Schedule your garage sale in advance and put posters all over the neighborhood. Be creative so you get people’s attention. Come opening day, your garage sale will be a hit!

4. Online selling

There are ways for you to earn profit from the time you spend online. You’ll find plenty of people selling everything from clothing and accessories to books and pastries through Facebook! If you don’t have the inclination to hold an actual garage sale, you can definitely try selling goods and services online. If you’re into arts and crafts and would like to sell your creations, try websites like

5. Car washing

Offering services such as car washing requires only your labor as capital. Offer to wash cars of family members or your neighbors for a cheaper fee compared to car washing centers. Washing cars can actually be a lot of fun. It’s a good excuse to play with water (lots of it!) under the sun—and you get paid in the process. Just make sure to ask the car owners if they’d like their cars washed any special way and adhere to those requests.

6. Tutoring

Do a little good this summer by offering tutorial services to kids. You can advertise online or have family and friends help you tell people they know through word of mouth. Offer tutoring services for Math, English, or Science. Play any musical instrument? Teach others how!

Tutoring usually pays well and you can bill by the hour. The best thing is you only need knowledge, a few reference books, and in some cases, minimal transportation allowance.

If you’re exceptionally good in English, you can try to earn by teaching English online. Websites like connects you with people around the world who want to learn English. All you need is a stable Internet connection. Register with the website and pass screening tests to get started immediately.

7. Sports clinics

Summertime is when a lot of parents look for activities their children might join in. If you’re quite good at any sport, offer to teach or coach young kids (or even adults in your neighborhood) for a small fee. How to get started? Advertise a free session and invite everyone to go! It will help rouse people’s interests and let them get a preview of the sort of things they can learn from you.

Have a productive summer by using your time (this is your most valuable investment) to earn some money! Starting a small business or offering your services gives you invaluable experience. When the time comes that you go looking for a real job or ready to start a serious business, your stint as an online teacher or an online seller will get you farther than you think.

If professional employment is a long way off, at least you can get some extra pocket money to buy that gadget you’ve always wanted or grow your personal savings!