Sundays are the only days when I can wear nice clothes because after all, why would I wear nice clothes at home? I’m working from home, remember? And as I mentioned last week, we sort of started an informal tradition of taking OOTD shots before leaving for church.

Imagine my frustration when it turns out I forgot to charge my camera. And we were already running late when I discovered it! So if you happen to stumble upon this post, please be kind enough and forgive the grainy photos that are taken hastily. 😀

I know the one above is not a decent OOTD photo (not that I’m obliged to take one – teehee), but I wanted to take a photo that is nice enough. After all, minsan lang talaga ako makalabas ng bahay. Hahaha! So after mass, we went behind the chapel and took some photos.

At first, it was fine. But soon after, people also began pouring out from the church. Aaaah, time to start acting “natural!” Apparently, I look funny looking natural. Hahaha!

Anyway, as we do every Sunday of my current life, we went to SM Lanang Premier after. As I always do, too, I went to the breastfeeding room to help Y sleep. But when we got there, I saw it was closed! And it was almost 11am already. Where is the nurse? Hmm.

So I went where my family were sitting in the atrium (they were waiting for me) and plopped down between my parents. I got my nursing cover and breastfed discreetly… until Y pulled the covers down. It’s okay, there’s no shame in breastfeeding! 😀

Because there were a lot of distractions, Y wasn’t able to sleep. So an hour later, after we all had lunch, we went to the breastfeeding room again for Y’s afternoon nap.
The following photos will show how bored I was in the BF room.

I took photos and even edited them on the Pixlr app on my phone. Not bored, eh? Haha!

After Y fell asleep, I went outside because I really needed to pee. Soon after going outside the breastfeeding room, Y woke up. Oh well. So I met with my parents and sister who were in SM Cyberzone (my father needed a basic phone) and told them that I needed to go to the CR. Well, they had fun without me! Apparently, there was still a Valentine’s backdrop in the atrium and they took some photos:

They weren’t able to take a photo of the entire backdrop, but everything looked cute! I wanted to be in the photo, too. No fair! 😀