I  lived in Davao City for most of my life, but I still get lost occasionally.

I love to read, write, and bite my nails. I love to eat but I couldn’t cook to save my life. When I’m not busy, I like to watch television and surf the internet aimlessly – just like most people do. But on most days, I would rather cuddle with my loves.

I (of course all my paragraphs would start with “I”) graduated two years ago from UP Mindanao. I have a sablay hanging on my wall to prove it.

I used to work as a reporter for a local newspaper. After a few months of mastering the art of tanning under the sun to find news, I resigned and became a virtual assistant in an air-conditioned office. What a relief! After more than a year of giving my clients online support, I resigned to focus on my baby.

I am now a full-time work-at-home mom. I make a living out of doing what I do best – being a Grammar Nazi. But occasionally, I drop my ammunition to chronicle my life in this blog.