If you guys are bemoaning the weather, we got one more reason to be twice as cranky: rotational brownouts!

We Davaoenos get really smug whenever we’re asked about our beloved city. I know I’m guilty. In our defense, mapagmamayabang nga naman ang Davao City. Security, tourism, traffic, cleanliness, shopping destinations – you name it, we have it! It’s truly close to perfect. Chos!

Seriously, though, I love living in my city. However, these past months, in sync with the extremely hot weather are, what else, rotational brownouts! Gah, just perfect!

It began as once-a-week 1-hour long brownouts. Then it became twice a week. Then it became 2-hours. Now it’s 2 hours and 30 minutes of beautiful power interruption several times a week.

I work from home full-time so this is actually terrifying. It came as a double blow to me because my laptop’s battery recently died on me, and I’ve been told my laptop’s model has been already phased out, so chances of buying a new battery is close to zero. Ayayay!

Worse, we don’t know when exactly our power would go off. We’re given blocked scheduling, but we don’t know the exact time of brownouts. There are even times when our power goes off beyond schedule. So basically, I’m like a mad woman saving her files every single minute.

But we do need to cope, right? I mean, we don’t know until when this would last but we can’t proclaim our hatred toward Davao Light on Facebook every single day (though I love reading funny rants – a nice breather from The Legal Wife reactions!).

So how do you cope? Let me tell you what I do to stay sane during the brownouts:

1. To-Do List: Brownout Edition

Since brownouts are bound to happen (in Mindanao anyway), prepare a list of things you need to do during one. For me, these are the household stuff that gets thrown to Priority: Low. Since my laptop completely turns off and I can’t work at all, I have no choice but to tackle the chores during power interruption.

Just this morning, for example, we experienced a 3-hour brownout, so I finally got to do the laundry. So the next time you experience brownout, spend just a minute moaning over your unfinished work and get productive right away!

2. Smoothies, fruit juices, and ice cream are your friends.

Unlike the lucky ones, I cannot just eat ice cream whenever I want to. I need to watch my calorie intake. However, I can’t survive this intense weather – tapos brownout pa – without a cold treat. That’s why in my spare time, pag may kuryente, I make smoothies etc. so I’m ready for power interruption!


At least I can fight the heat and my hot head. And it’s yummy.

3. If money allows it, buy a rechargeable electric fan – and a TV-phone if you must.

We already have a couple of emergency lights but light is not much of an issue for me. I can tolerate darkness. However, humidity is another thing! It’s a terrible foe when you’re alone so just imagine how it feels when you’re sleeping with a pawisin toddler who absolutely hates humidity? Help me, Lord!

Firefly rechargeable fan, Php 1700

The funny thing is that before, people here would just snub these stuff kasi walang panggagamitan. Brownouts used to be rare then. Malls would put them on sale at 50% off or buy 1-take 1, but dedma lang. Now, they’re in demand! Nagkakaubusan ng stock!

In fact, we would have bought one or two more rechargeable fans had it not been the only one remaining!

So if you happen to know where I can still buy this fan, please tell me! Please!

And what about the TV-phone? We happen to have one at home, a Myphone unit hehe. Last night, there was another power interruption, so we turned our rechargeable fan on and tried to use the phone’s TV feature. Since it didn’t have cable in it – duuuh – we watched – guess what – The Legal Wife!

Better than nothing, right?

It was my first time to watch so I didn’t really understand what was going on… But at least we didn’t spend the night complaining, right? Well, maybe I did complain, but just for a short while teehee.

There are, of course, some more things I do like play games, talk to Job, and play with Yuri, but they’re a no-brainer. I’m sure you do these things, too. Plus I pester Davao Light customer service agents din…

Oh, and here are more suggestions I don’t do (or cannot do) that you can consider doing:

1. Drive around. You get cool airconditioning, you get to get out of the house, and you get to beat boredom!

2. Go to the mall. Now, that’s my kind of thing! But I need to work when the power goes back so, no.

3. Go to the beach. If you live near a beach resort or even just a swimming pool, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t go for it!

4. Rant on Facebook. Go on, express those feelings. Just don’t be so negative! Wag na init ulo, baybeh.

5. Cook up a storm. If the heat is tolerable or if you’re blessed enough to live in a cool location, why don’t you gather all the ingredients and have a festive dinner for later? You can even pre-cook your meals for the week!

6. Write a complaint letter to DLPC (Davao Light and Power Company). Now you’re onto something! Shall I give it to the communications office for yah? Or better yet, write a letter to Duterte! (Not that I have anything against DLPC and Duterte – just to make that clear!)

7. Read a good book and/or sleep. Ah, how I wish I could do that!

And as a tip for all of you:

Finally, be thankful in all circumstances. I know how frustrating it feels to lose electricity especially when you’re relying on it for a living (like me!), but it’s something completely out of control. Let’s just strive to stay positive and wait until this season of brownouts end – hopefully soon! 😀