Every muscle in my body is aching! It’s 6:20 am here, I only have 40 minutes until work starts (my work starts at 7am and ends at 3pm), and I’m still here in bed with Yuri. At least I can still work with me in bed. #perksofaWAHM

The reason why I’m so tired (as well as everybody in the household – actually, almost everybody active in this village) is that we came from the beach yesterday. We had fun, yes, but sadly, because of some reason, our day also quickly turned sour. Let me rant a little and share with you what happened.

Annoying Gatecrashers

The activity at the beach yesterday was planned as an R&R slash team building activity for everyone who worked hard to make last week’s fiesta (our village’s first fiesta slash foundation day ever). It was planned among the village officers as a treat to themselves and the youth who laboured really hard for days and even went home at dawn just to finish everything that needed to be finished.
Obviously, the event should be just for the officers and the youth who call themselves “Cecilia Boys.” We cooked our own food and paid for our own entrance fees etcetera. The boys used their prize money from the basketball game they played in during the fiesta. And we had fun.
Including this kiddo
Until the gatecrashers came in.
We were surprised when a couple of cars arrived at the destination and out came some neighbours. We are all already annoyed with these neighbours especially with one of them because they are a loud and boisterous bunch. I really have no problem with loud people because I can be loud myself, but they are the scandalous kind of loud.
I literally mean “scandalous.” One girl, whom I really dislike, likes spreading rumours around, gossiping, ill-talking. And she yells at the top of her lungs at people she finds herself in a fight with – as if she’s surprised someone’s mad at her. We called the police on her too many times.
And they didn’t even lift a finger to help with nor monetarily contribute to any village activity.
When they arrived at lunch time, I was surprised when they started placing their things on the chairs of our rented cottage. Then they got our plates and started eating our food – take note that we didn’t have lunch yet as we were still waiting for a couple of people bringing the lechon. Then they gathered chairs to start what else but a drinking session.
My eyes really widened when, upon the arrival of the lechon, they went back to the buffet table for lunch, round 2. I mean, seriously?! We don’t even know some of the guys they brought!
Finally, when we (the original group who actually prepared for this event) had our parlour games, I was surprised to see the table almost empty of food when we came back. On their tables were numerous bottles of alcohol, used plates, and empty wrappers. They didn’t leave food for those who actually bought them and spent the entire night cooking them.
I said nga that if they were to gatecrash the event, use our venue, and decide to not bring food (and eat all of ours), the least they could do was help cook rice, grill fish, and clean the venue. After all, they were all able-bodied people – most of them were big people. But nah. They just sat there, expecting to be served food like they were bloody VIPs.
The village president decided that we’re leaving at before 4 pm (we were not having fun anymore with so many drunk people around), and they decided they were staying. Duh. Libreng venue na, right? But when the people from the resort told them that the venue has been paid for only until 5pm, they quickly packed their bags, too. WUT.
And, yes, they had the never to bring some of the food home.
Which is why I’m taking a break from blogging.

I’ve never imagined doing that – I blogged religiously from the time I opened my blog – and even though my community is small, I love this community and love hearing your thoughts and views. But I can’t deny that I’ve never been busier since the time I was doing my thesis in college.

The wisest thing to do now is to let go of a “task” to free my plate for more urgent things such as study for said exam. After all, this studying thing won’t last forever.

I started rejecting event invitations (such as to a store opening next week), so the most logical next step is to take a hiatus from blogging when the month of April ends. I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday or Thursday. 🙂


My Requirements are Complete!

On a positive and completely lighter note, my requirements for PRC are now complete! Yay! I’m so thankful that UP is not only quick but also wise. I couldn’t take a leave last week, so my mom volunteered to request and claim my Transcript of Records, Graduation Certificate, and List of Graduates. Thanks, mama.
The next day after she requested, I asked her if she included in her request the List of Graduates. She wasn’t sure. So I called UP, and aside from confirming that they advised mom to include the list in her request, the person whom I talked to gladly told me that all of the requirements are already ready for pickup. 1 day instead of 7 days! Hurrah for UP!
I already had my NBI clearance a couple of months ago, and I used NSOhelpline.com to get another copy of my birth certificate (just to be sure), so I only needed a cedula and pictures. Getting the cedula at our barangay hall was a breeze – I left home at 4:30 pm and got it before 5 pm. How awesome is that?
Last Saturday, I had my picture taken. Mission accomplished! First victory unlocked!
(Second victory – PRC filing, third victory – Acing the exam)

Something will be Changing in this Blog

In line with the third victory I mentioned, I know it was never my original intention to pursue a career in real estate. But taking the 2-month real estate brokerage classes opened my eyes not only to things I never knew but also things I always knew but did not pay attention to, particularly my inclination to land, business, and the ambition to help uplift Filipinos’ lives.

I may or may not play a small part in this ambition, but I know for sure that I want to do my best in my upcoming board exam as the first step.