Okay, a review student for only 8 weeks, not a full-fledged student. I actually still have a scholarship for Masteral and Doctorate degrees in UP (#humblebrag #sorry), but because of my strong aversion to oral recitations and quizzes, I don’t think that scholarship shall ever be used.

I digress.

So I’ve been a “student” for a couple of weeks now, swallowing my aversion to all things academic to perform my daughter-ly duty. Ang drama ba? No, actually, my mother influenced me to take up a real estate brokerage board exam not so I can follow in her footsteps in the field but because she knows employment is not in my blood. Well, yeah, she got that right.

I digress again! Ano ba!

Okay, if anyone thought real estate brokerage was easy, he’s so wrong. I mean, I also thought the same before the first class started. I’m reality, we have to know so many laws and so many concepts and do so many computations. Eek!

But there are things I love about being a “student” again. The first thing I love the most about being a student is, I’m not gonna lie, time alone. I only go to classes every Saturdays and Sundays, but believe me, those weekends are the biggest amount time I have ever spent alone as a mother. Because I know Yuri is well taken care of at home, I don’t have to worry about him at class and can fully focus on learning and on myself.

The second thing I love about going to school is picking out outfits. Well, it would have been fun if only I didn’t gain weight. But I did so my wardrobe choices are limited at the moment.

However, now, I have a legitimate reason to buy new clothes!

I also super like buying “student” stuff from National Bookstore back when I was still a real student, so I’m also doing the same now. By the way, yesterday, I bought pens and highlighters and, most importantly, an expanding file envelope to house my readings.

I really really¬†wanted one, but unfortunately, it only came in one size: short. All my readings are printed in long bond paper, and I don’t want them to fold them. Hello, what’s the use of an expanding file envelope kung ifo-fold lang. Huhu sayang.

I was an early bird last Saturday, as in I think I was the 70th or so to arrive. Don’t be fooled by the empty chairs; there are almost 430 students in our class.

I also love learning. I might be adverse to academics, but I’ll always love learning. I’m learning a lot every weekend, information overload in fact, but I love knowing new things! During the evenings, my mother quizzes me with situations and I try to answer what legal action should be done. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a lawyer, but alas, my fear is strong.

And I also love meeting new people and making new friends. I believe that in any field of work, knowing many people and having a wide network of contacts are necessary. Also, it’s just fun to “chika” with other people, a far cry from singing along to Daniel Tiger’s songs. What a change haha.

I also haven’t commuted in, like, 3 years, but even though it’s sometimes hard, I welcome the change. Anyway, it’s just temporary. However, I admit I’m already itching to get a car!

Ang mahirap lang for me are the exams. I’m not even talking about the board exam yet, just the mock exams every session. I discovered (rediscovered?) that while I’m good at writing and explaining things, I don’t do as well in multiple choice. Especially when I need to analyze stuff and choose the best answer. Lagot! Help!

But so far, I’m having fun even though I’m always dead tired. Like now, I’m so exhausted. I know God gives me strength to do all these (mother, work, study, blog) and I’m sure God sustains. Aja!