I thought my Certified Positive planner for 2014 was the best.

Until my new Certified Positive planner for 2015 arrived.

It wasn’t as if the 2014 version of the planner left a lot of room for improvement. On the contrary, I thought it was perfect! In fact, when I was awaiting the arrival of the new planner, I imagined it would be difficult for the Certified Positive team to “upgrade” what would basically be the same planner with the same content. So I prepared to received a planner that, at best, would be equal to last year’s.

Well, I was wrong!

First, I was pleasantly surprised that the planner(s) arrived so quickly. I think I received it the day after they announced they were already shipping out the planners – I live in Davao so that’s something.

Second, it’s packaged like a Christmas gift. I’m not pretty sure how it was packaged last year since it was given to me as a gift, but I love the thoughtful packaging. Just imagine how many planners they have to wrap like that?

Third, I love the bookmark included in the pre-ordered planners. My only regret is not ordering earlier. Had I been part of the first 50 who pre-ordered, I would have gotten a pen, too! My mother collects pens pa naman! 😀

Fourth, the quality of the 2015 planner is, I believe, better than last year’s – and last year’s planner wasn’t even lacking in quality in the first place! I don’t know – I may be wrong – but the quality of the printing and the paper used for this year is just more superb.

Fifth and most importantly (at least for me), while there are changes in the content, being the routine-addict that I am, I am greatly happy that the core content of the planner is the same: almost the same layout, the same Christian stories, and the same extra features. In other words, I believe they did right in not changing the planner’s fundamental content!

Here are more photos of the Certified Positive Daily Interact Planner 2015 in the flesh:

If you still don’t have a planner for 2015 or are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, head on to Certified Positive to order one now!

PS: This is not a sponsored post. 🙂

Disclaimer: This post was drafted before #RubyPh.