Unlike many other girls I know, I really can’t say I grew up a tomboy. I would be a disgrace to them if I call myself a tomboy. I don’t even know how to play patintero!

I was the kind of child who preferred reading books, going to my friends’ houses to “bond” and “talk.” You can say that I was (and am) pretty much a sissy.

Which comes as a major disadvantage, I learned, if one becomes a mom to a toddler boy. That’s my first story. Here it goes.

1. Yuri’s Booboo

I already grew accustomed to my 2-year old’s daily antics which came with regular bumps and falls. I’ve gotten over those already. What I may never get over, though, is blood and broken skin!

Especially when it’s mere millimeters from the eyes! Lord, thank you!

They were playing on Friday afternoon in the living room when I heard a bump and a scream. Turns out Honey wasn’t looking and Yuri hit the sharp corner of a cabinet. Poor boy! And he was so mabait that after crying a bit and nursing, he just went back to his happy self.

I actually placed a corner cushion there, but it was such an eyesore that we took it off again. Anyway, Yuri knows how to avoid it. How wrong was I? Right after the accident, I had Honey put it back again.

Lesson learned: an eyesore is better than a black eye!

2. Yaya Update: Honey’s Still Here

After your comments from here (False Alarm Kidnapping, Firing Yaya, and Other Stories) and here (Yaya Woes: Probably the Last Straw), you might probably be expecting that we had already sent Honey home. But we haven’t…yet.

First, her entire semester’s already paid. We’d rather she learn something during her remaining months here because if she stops schooling, sayang din yung tuition fee. Di yun refundable.

Second, she still has a debt to pay. Prior to these yaya-woes incidents, we already decided to get her off the hook and not make her pay nalang. But she’s proven herself not worthy of this kindness so she needs to pay for it. We’re trying to show compassion by allowing her to pay on her own terms.

Also, we asked her family to fetch her if they really wanted her to go home but they need to pay the debt. Surprise surprise, wag nalang daw. Ano ba talaga?

PS: When we called Honey’s mother last week about the fact that during the times she requested to go home, she never did go home to her family, it amazed me that she wasn’t really concerned about it. I mean, if I were the mother, I would’ve grounded her for a year! Instead, her mother’s concern was Honey’s salary increase. Huh?!

3. Victoria Osteen – Heretic?

If you’re a Christian, you probably might have already heard of the names, Joel and Victoria Osteen. They’re leading what they call a “megachurch” or, in my understanding, a very big church. But for some reason, I never felt comfortable reading their books and listening to their preachings. I’ve always felt they were preaching not God’s Word but the American Dream.

Well, last week, I saw this video circulating over the internet that contained Victoria Osteen’s words:

“I just want to encourage everyone of us to realize when we obey God, we’re not doing it for God—I mean, that’s one way to look at it—we’re doing it for ourselves, because God takes pleasure when we’re happy.”
“That’s the thing that gives Him the greatest joy…”
“So, I want you to know this morning: Just do good for yourown self. Do good because Godwants you to be happy.”
“When you come to church, when you worship Him, you’re not doing it for God really. You’re doing it for yourself, because that’s what makes God happy. Amen?”

Wait, what? Not doing it for God really? I’m sorry but is she out of her mind?! Since when was Christianity about us and not about Jesus? Sorry, lady, but you’re not getting an “amen” from me. I want me to be happy; God wants me to be holy. The saddest thing here is that the listeners actually agreed with her!

This reminds me that while it’s important to be connected to a church, every Christian must have a Biblical foundation within him. A Christian should depend on God’s Word directly and not depend on another person’s “interpretation” of it. You’ll never know. One can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I just hope the Osteens get out of this “American dream,” “prosperity for self” mindset for the sake of their church’s members.

4. A Boy Got New Shoes

Yuri has outgrown all of his shoes, which are size 7, so it’s time to buy new ones. So a couple of Sundays ago, while I was waiting for my appointment with CHED, I looked at the department store for toddler shoes. I finally bought a pair of white Chicco shoes priced at only P800.

Sadly, I bought one that was too big for Yuri. You see, I didn’t realize the sizing was different pala from US sizes. Here, the sizes were bigger, so 7 is not equal to 27; it’s 26. So Yuri should be a size 27 now, not 28. Eh I just went ahead and bought, so it needed to be replaced.

Since I would be working the next day, I asked the parentals to exchange them for me. They quickly found the white Chicco pair and asked for a smaller size when my dad spotted another pair of shoes. Naku, ang layo sa itsura ng original white pair that I had chosen!

I really wanted white because I like how they look clean, so I was surprised to see a dark pair in the box. And this pair was even more expensive. But Yuri liked it (he likes all shoes actually), and his lolo chose it for him, so I didn’t have the heart to return it. Fortunately, I think the shoes are growing on me naman.

(But I think I’ll still look for a lighter-looking pair.)

So those are my stories for today. What are yours? 🙂

PS: Oh my gosh, it’s September today! Time to finalize the Christmas list and start buying gifts. Exciting!