Last week, I talked about how we got so mad at Honey, Yuri’s yaya, for insisting to go home (even when she just went home several weeks before) and for insulting us.

Of course, when she got home Monday morning, we scolded her, and because she insulted us – my mom especially – we made the decision to just pull her out from school and let her go.

(What made her and her sister’s remarks especially insulting was that we were planning to give her a graduation blowout and completely erase all of her debts. Tapos ganun pala ang sinasabi nila about our efforts?!)

But after seeing her cry, repent, and ask for one more chance (spot the movie lines), we decided to forgive her and let her continue schooling and working.

However, we wanted to talk to her sister and/or mother. But she cried again and begged us not to. Hmmm.

Actually, I wanted to know why she was so insistent in going home when she just went home probably around the end of June and had, as usual, an overnight stay. I was wondering because she said she “missed” her mother and siblings so much daw. Huh? Didn’t you just go home last June?

(Going home every 2 months is already too often since she goes to school every Sundays. Not to mention she does have almost week-long leaves every Holy Week, sem break, and Christmas. Back when she wasn’t studying yet, she used to go home almost every Sunday.)

Also, I wondered why her ate and mother had seemingly “negative” attitudes toward us. I mean, in all honesty, we are good and generous employees. Why are they talking as if we treat Honey like a prisoner (at least according to their text messages which Honey “forwarded” to us)?

Well, I finally knew the answer last night.

My mother is never a confrontational person, and even though I was so “gigil” to talk to the sister, I obeyed her and did not pursue calling.

But a couple of nights ago, Honey asked for permission to go to the internet cafe (which is in the next village since there’s no internet cafe inside ours) to do “research” daw. We finished our dinner at around 7pm, but she left home at already 8pm. Ang daming facial preparations bago mag-internet. At that point, we were doubtful because we don’t want her staying late outside, and in the next village pa. But she left anyway.

At 9:30pm, she was still not home. My mom called her lots of times but she didn’t answer. After 16 missed calls, she finally answered. Guess where she was?

Totally not in the internet cafe. Apparently, there were bands playing in the village gym and she was there. Take note that she would be having periodical exams the next day (the reason for the said “research”). Also, it’s impossible she’s staying there alone, so she must be with someone. Whoever that is I don’t know.

And that’s not all. My mom was so agitated that she resorted to doing what she did not want to do: call Honey’s mother. Finally.

And guess what she found out?

I mentioned earlier that when she started working here but wasn’t studying yet, she goes home almost every Sunday. Let’s just assume that on her first year, she went home 20 times (conservative estimate).

On her second year, she started schooling but went home occasionally but in long periods of time. Let’s just say she went home for a total of 15 days.

That’s 35 days (conservative estimate) right? That’s not including this year. But according to her mother, that’s not correct. According to her, she only went home around 4 times since she started working here.

I’m sorry, what? If she did not go home, where had she been going?!

That explains why her family was quite “negative” when they talked to us. How could they not when what they knew is that in the period of more than 2 years, their daughter was only allowed to go home 4 times?

That explains why they never “thanked” us for the stuff we had Honey bring over when she went home. Our things have probably ended up in the hands of other people!

This explains a lot, actually. Why her parents never contacted us at all since Honey started working. Why her older sister did not know she was going to Sunday college (the beginning of the insulting “Sunday school lang naman pala!” remark). Why she had to go home last June to show off her uniform daw (Huh? Haven’t they seen that already?). And more things.

I don’t know what to feel. I am a very forgiving person, and like what happened last week, I’ll probably forgive her this time. But I’m not sure whether I’d like her to keep working for us or not. Actually, we’ve always known she’s sort of a liar (see internet cafe case), but I didn’t expect her to have been keeping a lie this big!

To tell you the truth, even when it’s hard, I’ve always tried to see the goodness in her. I mentioned several times in this blog that I feel so blessed to have found a yaya who truly cares for Yuri. And that’s true. In more than 2 years she’s been here, she’s never been impatient or mean toward Yuri.

But, I don’t know. I just don’t feel comfortable around her anymore. I can’t help but think that if she’s kept that big a lie for more than 2 years, what other big secrets must she be hiding? We’ve never even inspected her stuff or checked her whereabouts. I really don’t know; my trust has been betrayed big time.

If you are me, what will you do?