I really don’t know how much salt and saltwater Yuri ate and drank last Sunday.

I am no beach bum for a couple of reasons. First, I’m a mall-and-airconditioning kinda girl rather than an outdoorsy girl. Second, I don’t know how to swim. #confession

However, when Yuri was growing up and beginning to develop a mind of his own, I noticed his certain affinity to the water and the outdoors. Water plus outdoors equal to beach, right? So I was willing to drag my butt to the beach all for the love of Yuri! Good thing Samal Island is just 30 minutes away!

Long story short, after too many cancelled plans, postponed dates, and change of venues – our first options were Villa Amparo or Playa Azalea – we finally found ourself in a beach that is a lot nearer to Davao but still beautiful on its own merit: Costa Marina.

Only 15 minutes away from Davao’s shore, Costa Marina is a popular beach getaway for many Davao locals because of its affordable rates. I also chose this resort because it’s a lot “quieter” than the more popular Paradise Island.

Well, it wasn’t really quiet that day since we were surrounded by a lot of barkada-type groups who were drinking. That’s the downside of going to the beach on a Sunday. Nevertheless, I still appreciated that the beach wasn’t crowded.

Just like what I had thought, Yuri immediately fell in love with the sea! It was love at first sight and he wasn’t even slightly frightened of the waters.

When we went to deeper waters (me carrying him of course), he even wanted to let go and swim on his own. Not yet, baby!

Then, while other kids (like me) would scrunch up their faces upon tasting seawater for the first time, this kid of mine licked his lips and said, “sarap!” It was hard for me to keep him from drinking more. My goodness!

At around noon, the waters were slowly creeping away. It was low-tide. But the fun didn’t stop for Yuri who discovered the joy of playing with – and in the -sand!

Just as I had predicted, Yuri had a blast – literally and figuratively – playing in the sand. He played for hours and when he is usually very clingy to me, he didn’t even notice when I stood up and went back to our table to get something for a couple of times. Busy! (Please note that he was never unsupervised, though.)

Ever the friendly and, hopefully, generous and chivalrous kid in the playground, he immediately made a friend and frankly made her play with his beach toys. Nice one, Yuri!

He didn’t even get mad when his 3-year old friend didn’t want to return his toys! They did get returned, don’t worry, thanks to the power of mama-talk.

And ever the routine rat, he demanded for a nap after lunch. Since our area was surrounded with quite noisy neighbors, we went to an unused open gazebo for Yuri to sleep.

After waking up and seeing that the sea wasn’t “swimmable” yet, we explored the entire resort and ended up on a little playground.

Then Yuri spent another good time in the sand.

Now I understand why sandboxes are a hit with kids in the US! I wanted to take home sand for Yuri! Hahaha

We dipped into the water (with Yuri trying to drink it!!!) one more time and then it was time to go home.

Suffice to say, Yuri was pretty conked out that evening. It was a fun but tiring day for him! And this is the story of his first beach trip: the first of many!

PS: He enjoyed it so much that this morning, upon waking up, his first words were “Adaming tubig sa beach!”