I’m very thankful that our weather has turned from smoldering hot (which caused the brownouts) to fair and rainy. However, a side-effect of the rapidly changing weather is sickness.

I actually started to get sick the other day, Wednesday, but still worked because, well, I didn’t want to miss work. Then, yesterday, Honey (Yuri’s yaya) had to go to school to get enrolled for the new school year, so I had no choice but to be absent. That was okay because I felt even sicker than I was the other day and I really wanted to rest.

However, as you mothers would know, there isn’t really true “rest” for a toddler mom. So I tried to lay on the bed while my toddler ran around the room and only got up when the situation called for it.

We ate a lot, too. We emptied the pantry again. My father often remarked that I’m the only one he knows who has a big appetite in the morning. Well, I have a slightly good appetite for a sick person, too!

I was just reminiscing the moments when I watched Disney Junior in the wee hours, and one of my favorite cartoons was Gaspard and Lisa. Then just yesterday, somebody gave us boxes of these chocolates! Thanks! Don’t look at me. It’s the boy’s doing. He licked the chocolates while I ate the almonds haha.Of course, the sticker is mine!
When we finally finished the box (errmmm), we opened a tub of peanut butter. Hey, no judging! Yuri ate the most of it! Then I went back to lazing in bed ¬†and Yuri. While I enjoyed watching movies like Click and The Book of Eli. And the walang kamatayang…played hide-and-seek…
I woke up feeling a lot better today – but the bad news is that my Yuri has fever! Poor Yuri wasn’t in the mood to eat anything – not even peanut butter! But the good news is that he’s more active now and even ate three pieces of toasted mamon. I hope the fever will be completely gone before the day ends.

How about you? How are you doing? I sure hope you’re doing better than we are!