I was not able to work nor was I able to blog yesterday because my dad literally woke us up and told us we’re going to Samal Island.


We weren’t prepared, although we did have a big stock of food inside the fridge. You see, my tita, my cousins, and a nephew of ours arrived from Bicol last Sunday. They are staying in a little hotel near our subdivision (Luxor One Inn), and the arrangement is that they visit our house to eat a meal, i.e. breakfast or lunch.

Yesterday, they visited us early in the morning to eat breakfast at our home when they, apparently, had the idea to go to Samal. Then, they woke us up (I was already awake, but Yuri was still sleeping) to tell us that. What?! Being the good sport that we are – aside from the fact that no one could complain about going to the beach on a summer day – we immediately got up, ate breakfast, and prepared our stuff.

Can you spell haggard??? Just look at that face. And hair! Poor Yuri got woken up from a deep sleep but was excited anyway to go back to his favorite place: the beach!

Since it was literally a last minute decision, we no longer had time to make reservations at other resorts or look on the internet for recommendations, so we just headed back to Costa Marina.
My newly discovered love: panorama photos! I wasn’t able to capture a panoramic picture of the sea because I only discovered how to do it in the afternoon where there was low-tide.
This is my cute 8-year old cousin, Stanley, who gamely let himself be buried in the sand – and be in the mercy of his titas and tito and 2-year old cousin. Mwahahahaha!

My cousin, Hazel, also got buried in the sand, too, and we “formed” her into a mermaid. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo because I was busy washing the sand off of Yuri.

Unlike us, they all swim, and they went snorkeling that day, too. Unfortunately, no photos again! They’re all in Hazel’s camera. Hopefully, I can get hold of them hehe.

With us is the family of my dad’s older sister, Tita Socorro (beside my dad who’s in red). Beside her is my cousin, Hazel – a high school teacher, my nephew, Stanley, and beside my mother is my other cousin, Kuya Jason, a veterinarian who’s in Davao taking up a Master’s Degree in UP Open University. A family of smart people we are! Mwehehe I kid, I kid.
Last Monday, they were in Eden, and today, my parents are taking them to Malagos. Can you suggest other places in Davao City for them to visit? I begged off going because I need to work!
This was an unplanned vacation, and next time, I hope I’ll see my other cousins from my dad’s kuya’s part of the family. There are more children in that side of the family! Hopefully, our plans of a grand reunion in Camiguin will push through. How fun would that be?