The first quarter of this year has been truly a blessed time for me. There are a lot of hard times – well, to be fair, they had not been that hard but they had been truly trying – but the amount of blessings I received simply outnumber them.

Aside from the spiritual, personal, and relational blessings I have received (and enjoyed), I also received some material blessings. I would be lying if I tell you I don’t enjoy material things – and frankly, if I tell you that, I’m sure you won’t believe me. Haha! Tama?

Anyway, I’m pretty thankful because I received things out of his abundance, but what I’m most thankful of is how God listened to what I personally need and gave me those things out of his generosity. This is only one of those moments when I’m grateful to have a God who knows me personally, just like a Father, just like a Friend.

Some of the packages I received were for review, such as this SmileBrilliant kit I’ve given away and the Tmart Kitchen Scale I reviewed yesterday.

I joined Ms. Kaye’s book giveaway on her blog because you know how crazy I am about children’s books. I was even more excited to join this particular giveaway because I’ve been looking for another kid’s Bible for Yuri. This is not a kid’s Bible, but I love how it discusses manners and attitudes from a Biblical perspective.
Lo and behold, days later, I received an email from Ms. Kaye that I won the giveaway! I was really so happy, and I was even happier when we received the book. This is such a great addition to our growing library. I can surely use this when I teach Yuri how to be like Jesus.
This reminds me: I should do a book giveaway on my blog, too!
Another giveaway I joined last month was MyMomFriday’s Cycles Sensitive giveaway. I joined this giveaway because I’ve used Cycles when Yuri was a little baby and I was curious about this new line of products (I’m pretty sure they weren’t here when Yuri was a baby).
But my primary reason was this: I was already running out of baby wash and insect repellent! My go-to insect repellent was GIGA, and I didn’t have time to visit SM Lanang then, and by the time I did visit, I discovered their booth was gone! I was really counting on winning this giveaway to replenish our supplies haha.
Again, God is truly a personal God because He knows what we need. Because of that, He let me win this giveaway, too! Thank you!
My third happy package is my very own Snapware glass bottle from my dear friend, George! To be honest, I did ask for this specific bottle because I’ve been wanting my own glass bottle. My first choice was a mason jar, but I figured I would just be adding more kalat into my mother’s already stuffed kitchen cabinets, so I needed a more portable tumbler. Thus, the Snapware bottle! I really love it and have been using it for all of my drinks: water, juices, smoothies.
My final happy package I only received yesterday. It’s a super belated Christmas gift (just like the Snapware hehe) from another super dear friend, Teena! Teena who lives far from Davao only gets to go home once or twice a year, so we really value the time we have together. Chos! Anyway, like the Snapware bottle, I also requested specifically for this planner and I loooove it so much!

It might have come delayed – it’s almost April na – but it’s worth the wait. Woot!

Thank you, also, mwre, for the chocolates! They’re inside the pantry now for safekeeping. Mwahaha!

PS: I have an utang letter to you pa. I want to write it already!

So these are my happy packages. They are not exactly my definition of happiness, but what makes them “happy packages” for me is the fact that they symbolize how God continues to provide me favors despite my unfaithfulness and imperfection. This is simply because of the Grace coming from a faithful and perfect God.

Thank you!

Philippians 1:3
I thank my God
in all my remembrance of you.