Before I proceed to writing this post, guess what? I don’t have a camera again! It suddenly stopped working yesterday. It’s only been a week since we got the camera, so it might be a defective unit. Huhuhu. We already contacted customer service, and I hope it gets replaced as soon as possible. Huhuhu!

It’s a good thing, though, that my laptop can read the SD card directly. At least I can still post some photos from my beloved camera. Looking through my last photos, these are the events that transpired during the last few days.

Last Sunday, a downline of my parents visited us, and with them were their 2-year old daughter, Niña, whom Yuri calls “pinya.” Haha! Anyway, instant friends!

On Monday, a very good friend of mine, George, visited us in the boondocks on our side of Davao City. She was bearing gifts (Ay, gift lang pala – walang gift kay Yuri! Bad Ninang! :P), as in Christmas gifts. She went home bearing my Christmas gifts for her and Andrei, while she also brought with her our gifts for Teena, which she will send to Manila. We actually planned a get-together last Christmas but it didn’t push through, kaya naging March ang gift-giving. Super advanced lang ng gift-giving namin. Haha!

Of course, since George and I both love pizza, and I’ve been raving about Dexter’s Pizza here in my blog, we ordered two: ham-and-cheese for the kiddos and the famous shawarma pizza. Nakalimutan na naman ang diet!

George’s gift to me, by the way, is a Snapware bottle. I specifically requested for it last November pa (haha sorry naman), and I was counting the days until I finally have it in my hands. And now it’s heeere! Yay!

I super love my Snapware glass bottle! I have used it every day since I received it. I don’t just use it for water but also for natural juices and smoothies (as you can see in my Instagram: @maanlaxa). I’m so happy with it that I might post a better review soon! Thanks, George!