After months of its opening, I finally get to try Viking’s! It was my mom’s birthday last Saturday, and we were supposed to have a Saturday night dinner. However, the place was already fully booked, so we moved our reservation to Sunday night.

It’s Monday morning now and I’m still too pooped to write! At least, it was morning when I began writing this post. That was before we had a poop accident here (Yuri’s, of course) and I had to take a bath and found out I had to re-upload all the photos. Grrsssk.

There were really a lot of food that it’s overwhelming. I don’t think anyone would be able to try all of the food in just one night. However, unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat the night’s worth. I didn’t get to.

It was a fun night filled with talking, laughing, and a lot of eating – at least for them! Anyway, I still had fun, though I’m planning to return another day without Yuri. Mark my words. Charot!
How about you? How did you spend the first of December? OMG, Christmas na!