We all know how it’s much easier to dress up girls than boys. Maybe that’s because of the limited selection of clothes, especially here in the PH. But still, it’s possible, right? Fun even!

I have never been the type to dress up. If you notice in my “OOTD” posts, on most days, I just throw on a dress or a romper, slip on some flats, grab the bag and go. In fact, right now, I’m drooling over this Something Borrowed dress from Zalora’s cocktail dresses collection. It looks so fab and sweet and easy to wear!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. What I want to say is that this low-maintenance fashion sense I passed onto Yuri. On most days, I’ll just suit him up in a onesie or a romper and off we go! Here are some of the rompers he has:

Super cute and fab, right? I want to do the same with Yuri, but somehow, I know it’s gonna be hard. Here are the reasons why:

1. Yuri is sooo temperamental. I have trouble making him lie still! It’s hard to get him into a one-piece, so wish me luck in forcing him to wear layers of clothing.

2. I’m a practical shopper. Even though I love looking at baby clothes, I can’t bring myself to buy a lot of them. That’s because I think Yuri won’t appreciate them anyway. Now, toys and books I buy a lot because they’re what he likes!

3. Yuri can’t be bothered to wear accessories. I bought him a cap around two months ago, and I can only count the times he wore it in one hand. Duh, the baby doesn’t even like wearing bibs!

4. There’s little selection of baby clothes here in the PH, particularly in Davao. Sure, there are boutiques, but the clothes are mahalia.

5. It’s a tropical country. I’m happy to let Yuri wear a sando everyday.

But still, it’s good to make an effort to look nice, right? I decided I can level Yuri’s “fashion sense” by buying him a pair of denim skinnies. Yes, you read that right. Skinny jeans. So what, they’re cute. Sue me.

Can you believe this is his first ever pair of denims? I only let him wear shorts in his first year of being alive. Now that he actually has his first pair of denim jeans, I’m inspired to dress him up – maybe not like the Instagram superstars above (hello, ang init!), but I will try!