Hello, there! It’s me, Ms. Trying Hard Domestic Diva speaking! Hehehe. Actually, I couldn’t cook to save my life, but I do try some recipes from time to time for Yuri – my picky eater.

You know how we all want to eat ice cream but couldn’t? Worse, you know the feeling of wanting to give your children ice cream but also couldn’t? It’s just so sinful. Now, what if I told you you can make ice cream at home without all those unnecessary fats and sugar?

Last week, I saw a post from Maria Kang’s blog (which I discovered via Topaz Horizon) about healthy homemade ice cream. I thought it looked simple – and delish – enough that I tried making it last Monday.

Cream. The original recipe called for milk, but we had only a little milk left and we had some cream so I used it instead. I only used a small amount – about 2 tablepoons.

Frozen bananas. I swear I took a photo of my frozen bananas, but my camera died after I took it. The file must have gotten corrupted. Anyway, I chopped up about 5 bananas and left them in the freezer overnight.

Sorry for the following photos. I already used my phone’s camera after my camera conked out.

Peanut butter. Not the best kind, but this was the only one I got in a short notice. I had to microwave it because it was so hard. I used around 2 scoops of peanut butter.

Blender. I think any food processor would do. I had a bad experience with blenders. The last time I used one, I had to buy a new one afterward. I’m not even kidding! Haha!

Just place all the ingredients inside the blender and blend!

This was the finished product. Mmmm! I popped it into the freezer to make it ready for our afternoon snack.

This was how it looked like after being frozen. It had the consistency of real ice cream! Cool!

I know the photos don’t look any good, but you have to take my word for it: it tasted delicious! And I felt a little less guilty to indulge myself in a cup of ice cream. Now, we can have our ice cream and eat it, too! 🙂

PS: I wrote this post in bed with a malikot Yuri by my side, so please forgive me for the grammatical errors if any. I didn’t work this morning because yaya was at school, celebrating Teachers’ Day. I’m just gonna think I’m taking the day off, too, as a teacher. Whew!