This morning, Yuri slept in and did not wake up until a little after than 7. Uh-oh. We usually got out of the bedroom at around 6:30, which gives me ample time to prepare his breakfast. My own breakfast was already prepared; it’s just Yuri’s that I need to take care of.

Then I remembered I fixed a batch of cookies using the recipe provided in the video. Whew! I swear it only took me all of 5 minutes. It was so easy and so cheap, and they did not taste bad either! Best of all, they were healthy and sugar-free!

I wasn’t able to take photos of the process because it is messy, but here are some of the cookies:

Like in the video, I just got two medium-sized bananas and poured oats over them. Then, I mashed like there was no tomorrow. You need to do it; it’s very therapeutic! Nakakawala ng stress. And I could not resist adding some chocolate chips into them. Yum!

After that, I popped them into the microwave on a High setting for 1 minute. I made a mistake on my second batch. I tried to extend the time to 2 minutes, so they came out with hard parts. Nevertheless, they were still yum.

Now that I know Yuri’s breakfast was already ready, all I needed to do was whip up dessert. Since we still had some bananas and a basket of papayas (there’s no shortage of tropical fruits in our household), I decided to make banana-papaya smoothie.¬†

Only 3 ingredients: Papayas, bananas, and cream
(I would have preferred yogurt, but we did not have any.)
I used three medium-sized bananas and a whole solo papaya (small). I don’t know exactly how much cream I used; I only added along to suit my taste, but it wasn’t more than three tablespoons.
So smooth!
Finished product

I poured some into Yuri’s cup and the rest into a container I use for my homemade ice cream. I placed it into the freezer so we would have healthy shmealthy ice cream laterz!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, takes care of our breakfast, dessert, and afternoon snack. What a breeze!

PS: I did not take a photo of our breakfast table because it was unsightly. Crumbs everywhere, milk everywhere. Also, Yuri’s sippy cup is not exactly Pinterest-worthy. I should get myself a couple of Bell Mason jars for Christmas.

PPS: Since the first time I made my own healthy, banana-based¬†ice cream, I have already made two more. I found out that it is best to use cream over milk. I used fresh milk once, and the ice cream turned really hard, not like the texture of commercial ice cream. It still tastes good, but I had to thaw it in the microwave before serving. Yes, it’s that hard.