I’m proud that Yuri can consistently speak a list of words already. I mentioned here, in fact, that Yuri’s first word is “car” or “taw.”

Yaya Woes: 

Now, some smart aleck taught Yuri “taxi.” There are a few taxis that pass our street, especially in the afternoon. Yuri used to point at them and saw “taw.” This smart aleck had the smart idea to say, “No, Yuri, taxi.” Wut?

Suffice to say, Yuri got confused. Of course, he’ll get confused. He’s just 17 months old. Taxis and cars look exactly the same! How can he know which is the regular “taw” and which are “si” (taxi)?

Worse, Yuri now refuses to say “taw.” Every car he sees he now calls a taxi or “si”! Oh noes! Lagot ka sa aking yaya ka! I’m spending time now correcting this error para hindi na lumaki ang damage. Ano daw?

On a lighter note:

Yuri has more words in his list now, and they are more meaningful! Chos! He now has a “mama” in his vocabulary, although I’m pretty sure it doesn’t pertain to me. Boo! Funnily, I think Yuri says “mama” to refer to his lolo! Hahaha!
Here are the other new words in his list:

ta – cat
tis – cheese
wa – Wow!
tata – chacha (sorry)
do – dog
du – duck
shi – sheep
sawa – sarap
mmmm – not a word, but he always says this when eating hehe
dow – go!
dahti – dirty

And grudgingly,

si – taxi

That’s all I remember for now. Aside from mundane words, he also developed two meaningful phrases. These are titu (thank you) and sowi (sorry). Amazingly, he can use them in the proper context:
1. When you give Yuri something, he will say titu! He also says this when he gives you something and you don’t say thank you. Hahaha! A warm round of applause for my 17-month old etiquette police!
2. I always say “sorry” whenever I accidentally hit Yuri or spill his water or something like that. I guess Yuri latched on to the habit easily. Whenever he hits me accidentally or spill his food and drink, he also says, “sowi”! The funny thing is that when he accidentally hits himself, he also says, “sowi”!

Yuri the Meat Eater

I have recently started Yuri on his meats. I know that’s a bit too late, but I decided not to give him tough meats until his 18th month. Before, I only gave him pork and chicken liver and, occassionally, chicken. Now, I gave him pork. 
I thought he won’t like it, but to my surprise, he set the rice aside and only ate meat! OMG. Anak ka nga ng tatay mo. Both of us don’t eat much rice but are avid meat eaters. It runs in the blood?

Yuri the Maarte:

One of the words in the list above is “dahti” or dirty. When Yuri sees a spot on our tiled floor, he stops running, points to the spot, and says “dahti”! He is also careful not to step on the spot (or dirt).
One morning, the yaya took him outside the house, just in our yard (yard pertains to the narrow strip of red-cemented area outside the house). Earlier before that, the yaya watered our plants so obviously, basa ang sahig. Yuri refused to take one step on it. He clung to his yaya and pointed to the floor and said:


Nakakaloka. Houston, we have a problem.