Before I start the review, I have a question: Why is everybody talking about Chikungunya? May outbreak ba? Sorry hindi ako updated sa news. I do know that I already wrote about it last year though.

So anyway, despite not knowing about the outbreak (kung meron man), I’m always vigilant against dengue. We always make sure that there is no stagnant water inside and outside the house. We used to use a kulambo for Yuri when he was still a newborn baby, but he quickly outgrew it. Now, meron din namang kulambo yung crib nya. Pero ayaw kong gamitin.

Ayaw na ayaw ko. Allergic ako sa kulambo.

That was fine before because there weren’t any mosquitoes naman in the house. However, one day, I found bites on Yuri’s arms and leg.

Ako, I’m used to mosquito bites because attractive ako sa lamok. I don’t know why! Is it because I love eating sweets? I used to use Off lotion before but stopped using it when I had Yuri because of the chemicals. Of course, I can’t use Off for Yuri! Good thing there are a lot of companies now that offer natural and DEET-free insect repellants.
I know there’s a GIGA kiosk in SM Lanang Premier (sorry I forgot to take a photo!), so I immediately bought one.
Cute bottle that you can carry around
Price: I bought this 100-ml bottle for only P160 at the GIGA kiosk.

Scent: At first, I found the scent off. I think that’s because it’s my first time to try a natural product. Sorry! Magbabagong buhay na ako ngayon. Anyway, afterward, I got used to the scent. It smells like a combination of lemongrass and lemon. I’ve gotten so used na to the scent that I’m already addicted to it!Texture: This is not sticky, unlike the insect repellant lotions we had when we were kids. The consistency is oily because of the natural essences used in the spray. I’d rather have oily than sticky!


Look at the photos below. No, hindi mga lamok yan. Grabe naman kayo. A couple of days ago, we were suddenly invaded by black ants. Ganyan dito pag rainy season; pumapasok ang insects. Actually, the ants are okay. Huwag lang lamok or langaw please! However, there were too many of the ants this time, and they were all over the table. So I sprayed Mr. GIGA all over them:

Siguradong teypok
They were on the floor, too!
So obviously naman, they were all killed instantly. Hindi lang pala repellant, insecticide din! Take note that I only sprayed a little amount over all the pesky insects. It was super effective.
Spray or Lotion?
For adults, if you want to slather insect repellant lotions on yourselves, then go ahead. However, I do recommend repellant sprays for babies and young kids. For one, you can spray on their clothes rather than directly on the skin. Also, spraying prevents the kids from eating the repellant. You can also spray all over the surroundings and surfaces in the house. There are more possibilities with sprays instead of lotions.
Instead of spraying it directly on Yuri’s skin, I spray a little on my hands and massage them over his arms and legs. It’s been two weeks since I’ve bought it, pero he hasn’t had an insect bite ever since!
Verdict: Go ahead and buy it! I’m so satisfied with it. Now, malaki na ang bawas ang spray ko. That’s because spraying it all over the house gives me peace of mind. Also, the scent calms me. Parang relaxing oils lang.

However, I am planning to also buy one from Human❤Nature for my sister. Let’s do a faceoff!

There are actually a lot more products in the GIGA booth. I was tempted to buy Yuri cold rub but it’s my first time to try the brand eh so I only bought the insect repellant. In hindsight, though, kung alam ko lang na magkakaubo at sipon si Yuri, I should have bought one!