I am thankful that I have the option to stay at home and work while watching my bébé. I’ve written about being a work-at-home momma several times already, and I know how lucky I am to have this opportunity.

I’m working as an online essay instructor (points to sidebar ☛). I love being able to work in my own time and availability. I also love being able to help students halfway across the globe fix their papers and, hopefully, get higher grades.

It’s the last leg of the Summer Semester and we’re understandably receiving very few essays from students. You see, unlike people who work in offices, I don’t have paid absences. When I don’t work, I don’t get paid. It’s a straightforward system, actually. Frankly, I don’t like lean months (who does?), but I get by.

However, this week is different. I really feel that God is testing my patience. Let’s begin with Tuesday.

Tuesday – There were some essays in the queue, but I didn’t get to work in the afternoon because Honey, Yuri’s yaya, had to go to downtown to fix some requirements for school. I thought I would be able to resume work around 3 or 4PM, when she returned home at 2PM. Perfect! Or so I thought. She returned pala because she forgot her ID!!! Of all things to forget, ID pa talaga! Result: I wasn’t able to work at all.

Wednesday – It was a holiday, but I wanted to work. Alas, there were no essays at all that day!

Thursday – There were several essays that day, so I worked double-time in the morning. Now, Honey did not get to finish her tasks last Tuesday, so she had to take another leave to go downtown. Sheesh. Again, I wasn’t able to work whole afternoon. She finally returned at 7PM and told us na tapos na sya. Hay salamat!!!

Friday And finally, today. There were several essays again – things are looking good! And Honey’s got nowhere to go. Perfect! I can finally work in peace… until the power outtage. I kept calling Davao Light but the calls got me nowhere. Laging walang update. So unlike Davao Light. The electricity went out at around 9AM and only returned after lunch!

I was stressed because I had one essay na nakatengga. I had to submit it back to the website but we had no internet connection. I hurriedly got my SmartBro plugin and made pa-load. Pero di ako maka-connect sa laptop ko. We’ve only used this SmartBro stick kasi using my mother’s laptop, so there must be an incorrect setting in mine.

After fretting for a while, I thought of inserting the 3G sim into my phone. Yay, it worked! Then, I emailed my good friend, George (who’s my colleague, too), my username and password and the reviewed essay. After a few minutes, she said it’s done already.

Wah, what could I ever do without you, George? *sends tight hugs and slobbery kisses*

Now, I’m back to work, and like the image above, wala na namang essay sa queue. Unahan na naman ito! Wish me luck! Aja!