I’d like to think I have readers, and I’d like to think you have BIG hearts.

Don’t worry, this is not about me.

Yesterday morning, I was browsing the net looking for something I could buy this coming sweldo day. I thought I deserved to buy myself something because I didn’t buy anything at all last month, which was my birthday month. Suffice to say, I was feeling pretty materialistic.

Needless to say, I was already getting excited with the prospect of shopping this katapusan when I saw a post on Facebook.

I felt so selfish. I wanted unnecessary stuff for myself, when this little baby here needs my help.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Baby Rhory Mae Gallardo, born prematurely at only 29 weeks gestation. Can you imagine how little she is? That is the doctor’s hand at the photo; she’s smaller than the hand.

Worse, her mommy died during childbirth. (Update: My highschool classmate told me that she is related to the mom. Apparently, she died due to placenta previa.)

The warmth all newborn babies need upon birth only her incubator can provide. And yes, there’s no one to breastfeed her directly.¬†But little Baby Rhory Mae is fighting for her life.

Their family is knocking on your hearts, dear readers. Donations of baby clothes and diapers are welcome, but it is breastmilk that they need badly. 

I wanted so badly to pump my own breast milk and feed it to her.¬†Unfortunately, my milk is no longer suitable for a newborn. Breast milk composition changes and my milk is now suitable for a 15-month old baby’s needs, not a newborn baby’s.

The least I could do is pack some of Y’s old clothes. I know these are all a lot too big for Baby Rhory Mae, but I hope they could help to provide her some warmth.

Now, I’m calling out to you. This baby needs our help. If you live in Davao City and are breastfeeding a baby younger than 6 months old, your own breast milk could just be the very thing that will help Baby Rhory Mae survive. She needs breastmilk long-term, so please help me spread the word.

Of course, other donations are accepted. You can get in touch with me so that I can refer you to the people who can help. Just email me at maan.laxa@gmail.com.

Let’s help give her a normal, happy life.

To Baby Rhory Mae, hang in there. We might not know you or your family personally, but we care a lot for you and we’re doing all our best to help you.