After 11 months, Y finally has a tooth! Finally! *pumps fist into the air*

*throws confetti*

I saw it this morning after giving Y a bath. He was staring at something above him when I saw this tiny, tiny, tiny little tooth in his upper, front gums. There is also a little one about to sprout beside it.

(I’m looking for a gif of that scene in the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, where Becky Bloomwood’s mom offers Alette Naylor a cake. That’s my inspiration for saying tiny, tiny, tiny. But I can’t find one, so here’s the next best thing: a video.)

You see, I keep on checking his lower gums because usually, that’s where the first tooth erupts, right? So I never checked the upper gums.¬†Imagine my shock when I saw with my own eyes a little tooth sprouting from his upper gums. *claps* *wipes tears*

So, we are officially bidding goodbye to toothlessness. But before that, here’s an anecdote about Y, the baby who used to have no teeth:

(On Valentine’s Day)
Mama: Anong gift mo sa akin?
Papa: Hindi na uso yang gift-gift sa Valentine’s.
Mama: Hay nako, you’re so thoughtless!
Papa: Ano ako, si Yuri? Toothless?

Badum tss!

I have no photo of him kasi nakatulog na agad after bathing. Also, sabi ng elders wag ko daw picturan baka ma-usog. What? Okay, let’s be obedient. But here’s a photo of Y a couple of weeks ago with the phantom tooth:

After taking this photo a couple of weeks ago, I found it so cute that he looks as if he has a tooth already. Yun pala, meron na nga talaga!